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During the worldwide COVID pandemic, artisans in developing countries struggled more than ever, largely because of lockdowns and supply chain issues. Elevita helped artisans in the Philippines combat these challenges by purchasing new tools which would increase their rate of production. With the addition of a table saw, press drill, and jigsaw machine, the Cajumban cooperative was able to quadruple their output even during a time of global upheaval.

In February 2014 budding entrepreneur Florita Escandor of the Philippines approached Elevita with a request for funds to purchase an industrial oven for the purpose of baking capiz shell products. Florita believes that the oven will provide dozens of local women with employment creating capiz bowls, frames, jewelry, and other wares. Elevita was happy to make the purchase, as this is an exciting enterprise that will undoubtedly bring opportunity to many in need. In 2018 Elevita was also able to grant Florita a scholarship to complete her education.

In 2013 Elevita adopted a project to help fund the education of impoverished girls in the Philippines. We have partnered with BELIEVE International to accomplish this. The BELIEVE mission is to "Help disadvantaged youth in the Philippines become people of integrity and leaders in their communities by providing them with the resources needed to attend school and by teaching them positive life-long values and leadership principles." BELIEVE carefully selects bright, motivated, young Filipinos and gives them a scholarship to attend public schools, which are not free in the Philippines. BELIEVE requires their students to also engage in additional values and leadership training, which will enable them to lift themselves out of poverty. Trained scholars such as these will eventually help solve the deep-rooted problems of corruption in their communities and in their nation. Elevita will give full scholarships to these needy Filipino students one by one, as funds are raised. To donate, please click here. Your generosity will make a tremendous difference for good!

Our first project was to help build a Secondary School Girls' Hostel so that adolescent girls in rural villages in Rajasthan, India, would have the opportunity to attend school. Because of the great distances to government schools and because of the lack of safety along the route, most girls in rural India do not receive education beyond the primary years. Instead, they are given in arranged marriages, often as early as 12 years old. Giving these girls an opportunity for education will improve their lives and subsequently the lives of their families. Sufficient funds were raised and ground was broken for the hostel in October, 2013. Please visit our blog,, for more details. We give sincere thanks to all who donated!