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Buwembo Yekosofati, “Yeko,” is an artist, a business man, a husband and father. He is also disabled. Lame in both his legs, Yeko grew up in poverty stricken Uganda, where the handicapped are stigmatized and overlooked. Yet the odds against him were not enough to discourage Yeko. As a young man, Yeko’s creativity earned him a scholarship to study art in Kenya. He returned to Uganda and started a business to support himself and his family. He always smiles as he reminds those around him, “Disability is not inability.” Yeko is the designer and producer of uniquely handcrafted artifacts. His Ugandan-style nativity is meticulously constructed from materials such as bark cloth, natural grasses and utility wire. These pieces are fashioned after traditional mud and straw dwellings which are still home to many Ugandans.