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Angel Ornament Newspaper Star Ornament Mongolian Silk Nativity
Angel Ornament
Price: $4.00

Made from plant fibers in the Philippines

Carefully handwoven Crafted in Mongolia
Philippine Nativity 17-piece Wooden Nativity Colorful Wooden Pegdoll Nativity
Philippine Nativity
Price: $195.00
Magi carry mango, rice, and bananas Hand-carved traditional nativity Hand-painted Figures
Hand-carved Modern Nativity Felt Yurt Nativity from Mongolia Felt Nativity from Mongolia
Handmade in the Philippines Handmade Ger Set Handmade Standing Set
Beaded Star Beaded Heart Palm Leaf Nativity
Beaded Star
Price: $5.00
Beaded Heart
Price: $4.00
Palm Leaf Nativity
Price: $20.00
Made of wire and colorful beads Made of wire and colorful beads Created from carefully dried leaves
Capiz Shell Angel Ornament Wooden Heart Ornament Holy Family Nativity

4 inches tall

Hand-carved in natural tones Hand-carved Heirloom
Abaca Fiber Nativity from the Philippines Capiz Heart Ornament Nativity Ornament
Nativity Ornament
Price: $10.00
Handmade in the Philippines

Made of shells

Engraved in the Philippines
Beaded Nativity Newspaper Nativity Choir of Angels
Beaded Nativity
Price: $150.00
Newspaper Nativity
Price: $350.00
Choir of Angels
Price: $25.00
Support Orphans in India Intricate handmade detail

Set of 10 Ornaments

Capiz Shell Nativity Beaded Angel Online Gift Certificate
Beaded Angel
Price: $4.00

Holy family, wise men, & animals

White and gold Christmas ornament Email an online gift certificate to a friend