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Babul Miah of Bangladesh is known as Puti Babul, or "Beaded Babul," for his excellent bead work. Because of extreme poverty at home, Babul Miah was forced to quit his schooling when he was in the third grade. He began helping in his uncle's workshop, but it was difficult to survive in his village town of Kishorgong, Mymensingh. So he traveled to Dhaka City, and after struggling for many years, "Puti Babul" became well-known for his quality craftmanship. He is married with one daughter, who is now reading in the first grade. Babul rents one room for his living and one room for his workshop in Old Dhaka City. Babul relies on a steady flow of orders to help him carve out a dignified existence for himself and his family. Elevita is very happy to have discovered Puti Babul and his fantastic beaded elephant ornaments!