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Angel Ornament
Price: $4.00
Beaded Angel
Price: $4.00
Philippine Nativity
Price: $150.00

Made from plant fibers in the Philippines

Christmas Ornament

Hand-carved 9 piece wooden nativity
Beaded Star
Price: $6.00
Beaded Heart
Price: $6.00
Hand-carved 17 piece traditional nativity Made of wire and colorful beads Made of wire and colorful beads

2.5-inch diameter

4 inches tall

Hand-carved with gold accents

Wooden Star Set
Price: $12.00
Holy Family Nativity
Price: $100.00
Three hand-carved stars Hand-carved in natural tones Hand-carved Heirloom
Beaded Nativity
Price: $160.00
Choir of Angels
Price: $25.00
Support Orphans in India

Set of 10 Ornaments

Set of 10

Holy family, wise men, & animals

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